Rick Terry Superintendent at Craggy Correctional.  "I am glad that Craggy, AB Tech, and our inmates have been involved and assisted with this worthy program. It's a "win-win" program for all involved, from the dogs that are able to stay warm and dry, to the inmates who are leaning a possible trade/work skill to assist them in rejoining society, and to both the prison and college, allowing us to fulfill our mission to our community. Again, Thank you for what you are doing and allowing my staff and inmates to participate."
Craggy Workers
Photo of Inmates who built the dog houses and supervisors at Craggy Correctional Center.  
Far left Richard Terry -Superintendent, next to him, Steve Proffitt - Superintendent, Far right in back row, Daniel Mancuso, Instructor, Facility Maintenance Economic and Workforce Development/Continuing Education A-B Tech
These houses will be well constructed with insulation on the bottom and the roof.  There will also be an extended roof over the entry to keep rain and weather out, and still allow an area under the extended roof called the ‘pooch porch’.
These houses will be free to qualifying families with dogs in need of a warm and safe place to live.  We will also have  bales of free straw for extra insulation for these dog houses- or for any existing dog houses. 
If you are interested in helping – donations to the dog house project are welcome.  If you would like to purchase a dog house the price is $100.  This barely covers our cost for materials.
Please help us make this a successful project and spread the word - think warm and safe pups all year.
Please consider taking your dogs inside when it gets really cold - below 20 degrees.  They will be much healthier and safer and will thank you too.
Please call FOMCA at 828-649-9798 for information about getting a dog house or straw.

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Friends of Madison County Animals is a nonprofit 501c-3 organization.  All donations are tax-deductible.

With Your Support as of December 31, 2016

  • 788 cats & dogs were spayed & neutered
  • 18,629 lbs of cat & dog food was distributed to the needy & homebound 
  • 1,500 rabies vaccinations were given through Rabies Clinics plux approx. 30 per S/N Clinic
  • 8 Dog houses given to owners with dogs in need of shelter
  • 8 Fences givenn to owners with dogs on a chain.
  • 533 flea and tick prevention applications were distributed to pet owners
  • 83 Vetrinary Assistance Vouchers were given out to help owners with sick or injured pets.


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