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We hear heartbreaking stories like the following every day, and we are asking for your help today, so that we can continue to say “Yes” to pet owners in need.

 “We got Max at 8 weeks old. He was born in the shelter, and we almost share a birthday. My family are all complex PTSD and anxiety disorders. When I brought him home, he instantly knew that we were his humans. I had a terrible panic attack one morning, so he crawled up on my chest and laid on me, heart to heart, and stayed there until my heart rate was calm again. He is the most loving and affectionate dog we ever had, and he has sincerely improved our lives just by being in it. I honestly do not know what I would do without him. He is my other child. My family has been hit hard with the impacts of COVID-19, and we are currently on public assistance. We can’t bear to lose our beloved pet.”   max3j                                                                       

Max experienced severe allergies that led to broken skin and infection. When his family reached out for help, FOMCA provided a Vet Voucher through our Vet Assistance Program. Because of FOMCA, Max was seen by a partner veterinarian later that same day and received immediate treatment.

Our Vet Assistance Program kept 46 pets together with their families this year, preventing unnecessary relinquishment to the shelter, or worse, prolonged suffering as owners find themselves unable to afford the care they need for their pet. Together with other life-saving programs, FOMCA has provided services to 1,090 Madison County animals in 2021 and we rely on you so we can continue this level of support.
Please make a year-end gift, so FOMCA can be there for beloved pets like “Max”, and no one in need is ever turned away.
• Your donation of $20 will fund flea and tick preventative for 4 pets in need, preventing flea allergies from progressing into cases such as Max’s.
 • Your donation of $50 will pay for spay/neuter surgery for a dog or cat in our community, helping end the cycle of pet
 • Your donation of $150 will go towards urgent veterinary care for a family facing financial hardship.
 • Your donation of $250 will help move a dog off a chain and into a secure, fenced-in yard.
The need in our rural, underserved county is great and your financial support prevents suffering and neglect and keeps families together.
Make your tax-deductible donation today, and by working together, we can improve the lives of all animals in Madison County.
Click on the pawprint at our website to donate: pawprintpng
 Or send checks to: PO Box 191, Marshall, NC 28753
Thank you for your generosity,
Friends of Madison County Animals, and all the grateful pets we served in 2021!

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Donate To FOMCA

Donate To FOMCA

Please take a moment to donate to  All funds donated will be used in our never ending work to improve the lives of Madison County animals. 

If you prefer to mail your donation please send to FOMCA PO Box 191, Marshall, NC 28753

If you have any questions about donating to FOMCA or becoming a regular donor to help support our programs, please contact:

The FOMCA office at