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Our bi-weekly Spay/Neuter is one of our biggest and most popular programs at FOMCA since we opened in 1995.

We partner with ASNA – the ASPCA spay/neuter alliance in Asheville for the surgeries. Visit their website for more information.

 We have set aside specific dates to take Spay Neuter Appointments. Please call the office at 828-649-9798 in the afternoon of March 27, April 10 & April 24. 

Our Office Manager will set up your pets appointment and will have a number of questions that are outlined here. 

You will also be given instructions on what to feed the night before and the morning of the surgery.

We will be posting future dates to schedule spay/neuter surgeries. Check our website and look for the banners on the homepage.

Below is a list of questions you will be asked about your pet.

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All surgeries are $45.00 each for cats and dogs

FOMCA will offer financial assistance for your pets surgery to qualifying pet owners.

All dogs and cats must meet the minimum age and weight requirements for the surgeries. For cats the minimum age is 3 months and the minimum weight is 3 lbs. For dogs the similar guidelines apply but weight requirements may vary due to breed type. Be sure to ask when making an appointment for a puppy.

Be sure to tell us if your pet needs any vaccinations at the time of surgery or other services such as a microchip for $5.00 or a free nail trim. Also, if your pet has an up to date rabies vaccination please bring the paper certificate (not the tag) for proof of a rabies shot. 

If you don’t have a current rabies certificate your pet will get a 1 year rabies for free.

You have the option to self transport your pet to ASNA for their surgery, Please call ASNA and make your own appointment. You will have to take your pet there and pick them up the following day. Please click this link below to schedule an appointment for your pet:

Here are the links for self transport for low-cost spay/neuter services outside of Madison County:

Arden, NC  *male cats only*

Bristol, TN 

Please help FOMCA continue to provide low cost spay/neuter to the residents of Madison County in addition to providing free TNR to feral colonies and free roaming cats. 

We depend on your help for all our life saving programs! 
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Donate To FOMCA

Donate To FOMCA

Please take a moment to donate to  All funds donated will be used in our never ending work to improve the lives of Madison County animals. 

If you prefer to mail your donation please send to FOMCA PO Box 191, Marshall, NC 28753

If you have any questions about donating to FOMCA or becoming a regular donor to help support our programs, please contact:

The FOMCA office at