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We have free dog houses for qualifying residents of Madison County. Bags of straw for insulation will also be available.  Straw remains dry and provide the best insulation. Other materials like hay, cedar chips or cloth will attract moisture and become wet. Wet bedding will cause hypothermia in your dog which can be fatal. 

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There should be enough straw to make a nest that surrounds the dog as completely as possible.  Be sure to check the straw in your dogs house every couple of weeks. If it becomes too compacted it will need to be refreshed with new straw.

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How To Stuff A Dog House For Winter

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Donate To FOMCA

Donate To FOMCA

Please take a moment to donate to  All funds donated will be used in our never ending work to improve the lives of Madison County animals. 

If you prefer to mail your donation please send to FOMCA PO Box 191, Marshall, NC 28753

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