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ASPCA Spay/Neuter Alliance offers high-quality, low-cost spay/neuter services to the communities of Western North Carolina at our state-of-the-art stationary clinic in Asheville, North Carolina. A transport service is available through our partnerships with local shelters and rescue organizations in 18 surrounding counties.


Feral or Stray?

Friends2Ferals is the primary TNR and spay/neuter assistance program offering free services for all residents in Buncombe, Henderson and Madison counties in WNC.

Services include:

  • spay/neuter and trap/neuter/return for community cats
  • transportation of cats to/from clinic, education
  • mediation of personal/neighbor issues
  • medical assistance for community cats
  • cat food for those caring for community cats where necessary
  • relocation of community cats to other colonies or into adoption where this is the absolute last option and when space is available
  • Friends to Ferals/HSBC, and the welfare organization group programs it led, have spay/neutered over 12,000 cats since the F2F program inception in 2007.  

In Buncombe County, our original program focus, we have seen substantial changes at the shelter intake level that reflect success due to the F2F efforts. From 2015 to 2016 we saw a 25% decrease in unaltered cats coming in to the shelter. We’ve consistently seen a reduction in kitten intake; in 2017 kittens did not really begin to be a presence at AHS until June! Other counties were full in April.


The TNR Solution to Feral Cat Populations

TNR is a proven procedure in which entire colonies of feral cats are humanely trapped, evaluated, vaccinated, and neutered by veterinarians. They are returned to their outdoor environment and provided with food. The breeding stops, annoying behavior of breeding cats stops, and eventually the populations are reduced.


In 2017 FOMCA: 

Rescued fostered and re-homed - this includes vet visits when they are sick and transporting them to adoption events and to Brother Wolf.  

  • 17 cats, 28 kittens 9 mamas with 42 kittens born while in their care: Total 96 cats/kittens
  •  Cats 96
  • We transported 85 cats/ kittens to Humane Alliance for S/N


In 2016 FOMCA: 

Rescued, fostered, re-homed:  this includes vet visits when they are sick and transporting them to adoption events and to Brother Wolf. 

  • 29 cats, 68 kittens, 6 mamas with 27 kittens born while in their care: Total 130 cats/kittens
  • We transported 36 felines to Humane Alliance for S/N

 We plan to continue our efforts in this area throughout 2018.

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