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Free straw for dog house insulation and dog houses. 

Winters in the mountains can be very cold! Because of that we offer free bales of straw to people and dogs in need in Madison County.  Dog houses can also be requested. Please call our office at 828-649-9798.  Let us know how many dog houses you need to insulate!  

dog inside fence built by FoMCA with insulated dog house

Our Fencing program is currently on hold until we have a volunteer to coordinate this program.  If this looks interesting to you please call our office at 828-649-9798 for more information!  Thank you!!

Friends of Madison County Animals offers fencing material to eligible low-income households who wish to provide their pets with more space to play and alleviate them from being continuously chained.

FoMCA supports the concept of a chain-free environment for dogs. There are many reasons not to chain a dog for its entire life – day after day – year after year.

  •  Dogs are very social animals – they like to be with people and other dogs. When kept in a very confined area without exercise, human companionship, or mental stimulation, they can develop destructive behaviors including being very protective of their territory and aggression. 
  • Because they are lonely and frustrated – they often resort to constant barking.  So the saying “good fences make good neighbors” may apply here – and foster a quiet neighborhood.
  • Dogs who never get off a chain can be neglected physically as well as emotionally. They can become infested with worms because they eat and sleep in their own feces and drink water than has become stagnant.  This can become serious if not treated.
  • Dogs can become entangled in their chains and hang themselves – and collars can become embedded causing pain and infection.
  • Being chained, they are at the mercy of other dogs and wild animals and are often attacked.
  • Female dogs in heat can be attacked by a male producing unwanted litters.

If you are currently keeping your dog(s) permanently chained and would like to pursue fencing alternatives please contact us

If you would like to volunteer for the fencing program or would like to contribute to the fence materials cost fund, please click on the “How You Can Help” or “Donate Now” buttons below.

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