Vet Assistance Program

FoMCA provides Vet Assistance Vouchers to eligible individuals and families who require financial aid for their pet’s medical needs. Contact our office for more info.

Madison County Animals We've Helped


Gizmo vet assistance program

If it wasn’t for Friends of Madison County Animals helping Gizmo’s mom with the financials, he could have been suffering for a long time. Gizmo was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

His mom had just rescued him a week earlier and he was happy to be in his forever home. Unfortunately, he got caught in the middle of a neighborhood dog fight that left him with a badly injured eye.

This brave little man had to have his eye removed due to the severity of the injury. They also neutered him at the same time.

We would like to give a BIG shout out to Broad River Animal Hospital for providing help to Gizmo that same day!!  Their compassion for pets really shows!


Bailey vet assistance program

Mary reached out for help getting her sweet cat Bailey seen by a vet. He had developed sores on his neck, weepy eyes and was acting lethargic.  He just wasn’t his normal self. We were able to approve a vet voucher for Bailey and get an appointment set up with one of our partner veterinarians. Mary was so grateful that she could get Bailey the help he needed. 

“Bailey was my mommas kitty and I took care of her for 7 yrs until she passed away. Bailey was so sad like me. But we had each other. And I couldn’t make it without him. When I’m sad, he knows, and never leaves my side. He’s my best friend. I love him.”

To ensure FoMCA's ongoing support for pets like Bailey and Gizmo, we rely on your assistance.

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