Dixie Doo Was Attacked On Her Nightly Walk!

Dixie Doo’s mom adopted her from the Yancey county shelter and she has been a loving part of her family for about 5 years.

They were out for their nightly walk and Dixie ran out of sight and she heard her cry.  Some animal had attacked Dixie and her mom was so distraught that she ran to the fire department with her because she had no emergency numbers on hand.

The Veterinarian thinks it may have been an owl due to the wound marks.  Dixie needed stitches and wound drains. Her mom received help from a family member but needed further help with the aftercare. Dixie required another 7 days of antibiotics and is healing well. She has been a trooper and continues to fight and eat well. Dixie’s mom is grateful for the help she has received from her family and FoMCA.

With the help of FoMCA’s Vet Voucher program, Dixie Doo was able to receive the care she needed to recover from her injuries!! 

FoMCA is happy to help pets in need.  Please make a generous donation to FoMCA so we can continue our good work! 🐾🐾♥️🐾🐾

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