Keep your pets safe! Here is the skinny on pet treats! Take a look! There is lots of great info for you and your pet!

This is a guideline of safe and inexpensive treats that can come right out of your fridge!  

This is a list of foods you should never feed your pets.  Remember xylitol is an artificial sweetener found in many foods and candies and it can be deadly to your pet! So is Birch Sugar! Read labels!  

This looks like an innocent and healthy treat that you can find in many stores.  But think again!  It is filled with known poisons and can cause gastric blockages.  Which could lead to expensive surgeries and even death. 

Your bright and joyful holiday decorations could turn into a nightmare if one of your pets eats some of them. ‘Tinsel Tummy’ is a term use when you pet is rushed to the animal hospital because it ate some of your shiny tinsel or decorations – or worse ate a broken glass ornament.  For more info on Tinsel Tummy see this helpful website

Grey Muzzle Story

FOMCA was able to help two senior Chihuahua’s with a very generous grant from Grey Muzzle.  Both dogs were between 11 and 14 years old.

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