Happy Holidays! Please donate to the Friends of Madison County Animals

There is so much we want to do for the animals of Madison County, but we depend on compassionate advocates like you to fund our services, many of which are lifesaving. The benefit for everyone comes in the form of a knowledgeable, caring community that takes care of and provides for their animals and their people.

Our Vet Voucher program is a lifesaver in this community. We put a lot of energy and money into our vet assistance program to help low-income families and individuals with sick or injured pets.

Little Gizmo needed a vet voucher, and because of you, we were there for him. He was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and found himself in the middle of a
neighborhood dog fight that left him with a badly injured eye. This brave little dog had to have his eye removed due to the severity of the injury. If it wasn’t for Friends of Madison County Animals providing Gizmo’s mom with financial help, he could have been suffering for a long time.

Our newest grant from the Grey Muzzle Organization provides vet assistance for illness and injury specifically for at-risk senior dogs. No one is more grateful or loving than an old dog, and we’re looking forward to helping more senior dogs enjoy a long, healthy life.

Keri is a pet owner who reached out to FoMCA when her senior shepherd Nikko needed help. After she had exhausted all other resources, Keri asked for financial assistance through our Vet Voucher program and was finally able to get to the bottom of Nikko’s symptoms. Her beloved shepherd had widespread cancer without any treatment options. Nikko was let go that day, but his memory lives on to help the animals of Madison County.

Keri held a yard sale fundraiser in memory of Nikko, with proceeds going to FoMCA, so that Nikko could continue to help other animals in need.

“Thank you to those whose donations made it possible for me to take my
beloved dog Nikko to the vet. Your love for animals and your monetary
generosity is appreciated more than I can ever express,” said Nikko’s

Since we first opened our doors in 1995, our bi-weekly Spay/Neuter clinics have been one of our largest and most popular programs at FoMCA. We partner with ASNA, the ASPCA spay/neuter alliance in Asheville, for our Spay/Neuter program. We also manage feral cat colonies with a strong TNR (Trap, Neuter and Release) program.

When abandoned feral cats have four litters per year, it means Madison County quickly faces overwhelming numbers of cats and kittens. Madison County Animal Services has documented a noticeable reduction in the number of strays, as well as unwanted puppies and kittens, as a direct result of FoMCA’s Spay/Neuter Program.

Another popular and much needed program is offering free Pet Food for low-income families in need. Pet food is available year-round to families and seniors in financial crisis who are having difficulty feeding their cats and dogs.

Our most essential ‘seasonal’ program consists of offering free bales of Straw to dogs and cats in need in
Madison County, because winters in the mountains can be bitterly cold. Our pets deserve to be warm.

From our Vet Voucher programs to our Spay-Neuter clinics, our programs improve the quality of life for the animals and the people of our community. Our goal is to keep pets and their families together when they fall on hard times.

In the final months of 2023, there are still so many in need and it’s up to us to provide help. With your
generous contribution today we’ll be able to do so much more. Doesn’t every animal deserve a happy ending?

Please send checks to: PO Box 191, Marshall NC, 28753 – or donate via Paypal on the website.

Thank you for standing with us,
Friends of Madison County Animals

Grey Muzzle Story

FOMCA was able to help two senior Chihuahua’s with a very generous grant from Grey Muzzle.  Both dogs were between 11 and 14 years old.

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